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Can’t sleep because of the loud snoring of any member of your family? That could be your husband, right? And you are looking for ways on how to overcome snoring. You are looking at a permanent way to reduce and completely stop snoring. Well, there must be some proven methods to stop someone from snoring. In fact we are going to focus on stop snoring exercise your husband can explore with. Let’s get on and see what might apply to him.

Before you find the solution, understand first why you snore. Snoring happens when you can’t move air through your nose and throat during sleep. This is attributed to different factors. This includes but not limited to sleeping position, gain weight or even menopause .

Or it could be because of large tonsils, nasal passages block or the muscle tone in the throat or tongue is weak.  There is a lot of cause but let’s look further to the different ways to stop snoring.