A Guide on How to Identify Signs of Heart Attack to Women

A Guide on How to Identify Signs of Heart Attack to Women

I am sure that my fellow women would feel different these coming months compared to the way you felt from the previous cold months brought by the Christmas season. It is the time of the year again where a lot of health problems occur due to a variety of factors, but most importantly, due to the scourging heat brought by high temperature. Though these problems are easily treated by taking first aid steps, some of these are possible to be manifestations of underlying medical conditions. This is the reason why this article was written, to be your guide on how to protect yourself from a sudden heart attack by giving you this list of signs of heart attack that are common to women.

  • The feeling of chest pain or discomfort

This is usually the first symptom being felt by most women as they experience a heart attack. Do you feel like there is a heavy block on your chest? Do you feel uncomfortable whenever you try to move because you are running out of breath? Then be cautious because this might be one of the manifestations of a heart attack. If you usually feel this, then you may wait for other unusual feelings to occur first before you immediately go to the hospital. But if this is the first time and it is really making you feel uncomfortable, then I highly suggest that you proceed to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

  • The feeling of pain in the jaw, neck, arm(s), or back

Aside from the hurting pain, it is possible that this will be manifested through the numbness. This is something that you should not take for granted because this is one of the symptoms of a heart attack not only to women but for both sexes.

  • The feeling of stomach pain

This is different from other symptoms like acid reflux or heartburn, the degree of pain felt in this symptoms is synonymous with the heavy feeling of the stomach making it uncomfortable to move. The pressure felt by the person is beyond the usual stomach ache.

  • The feeling of lightheadedness

This is usually accompanied by nauseous of dizzy feeling. If you happened to do a tiring task like running an errand or taking a walk under the sun, then it might be possible that you will usually experience this. But if you are not doing any activity at all and you just feel lightheaded instantly, then you have to relax a bit and wait for a while if you will experience other symptoms. Remember that combination of this and other heart attack symptoms needs an immediate medical assistance.

  • The feeling of Excessive Sweat

Are you perspiring more than the usual perspiration that you have? Is the sweat coming out have a damp and cold feeling? If this is paired with other symptoms on this list, this might be one manifestation of heart attack among women.

  • The feeling unusually tired

If you feel that you do not want to move even a finger anymore because you are feeling unusually tired, and you also feel that your body is uncomfortably heavy, it is highly possible that you are experiencing a pre-heart attack syndrome.

Nothing is better than being geared with knowledge on how to identify signs of this medical condition. Through this list, you will now be extra-careful of your body throughout this season and be cautious of your body condition.