Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief

From an early age we learned that a touch of the hand can ease pain. When a child bangs his knees while running he will instinctively rub on the affected area. While an adult having a stiff neck will attempt to massage it. For a dancer who has probably tried to get rid of pain in her back will schedule an appointment with a message therapist.

The power of healing of a well placed hand is so evident since every culture in history has used massage to relieve pain. The invention of medicine in the modern times has lead to the slowly fading away of massage but majority of people are returning to therapeutic massage for pain relief.

If someone suffers  from a chronic or mild pain will opt to attempt massage. The effect of massage has different ways of easing the pain. One of the effects , is that it will tend to increase the blood flow to the sores areas or the stiff joints which are warmed by the additional circulation. A study  showed that massage speeds up the flow of oxytocin a hormone that relaxes muscles and also promote the effect of calmness and satisfaction. The same hormone is said to be the one present before women get to labour. It is said to relax the uterus and also helps build strong bonds between the mother and the infant.

Therapeutic message may also alter the way the brain perceives pain. The great feeling of a good massage can make the brain overlook on other aches. There is no reason of doubt about a good rub easing pain and tightness in strained and overworked muscles. There are now studies showing that it can also relieve chronic pain. A study in the internal medicine found massage to be more superior to acupuncture in terms of relieving pain. The patients who underwent massage were found to be four times less likely to be bedridden with pain. This led to the conclusion that massages might be the ultimate alternative to the conventional medicine for unrelenting back pain.

There are different level of pain and likewise with therapeutic massage it has also it’s own kind that maybe applicable to pain. It can either be through remedial massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage or can be a sports massage. For individuals looking for a natural way to cope with chronic pain, massage therapy can really boost the value of life by impacting great mood and also relief pain