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My 60 years old mom have just undergone CT Scan of Temporal Bone  because of hearing loss problem and fluid/blood discharging from her
ears.  Curiosity is now killing me on what’s really going on with her ears which  prompted me to do some research on her condition as well as what are the laboratory examination. Here are some of the information I got:

CT Scan of Temporal Bone

CT (Computed Tomography) Scan is an examination that uses X-ray technology and computer analysis  to create  detailed pictures of the body.

Temporal Bone

The temporal bone is located at the base and sides of the skull and  directly underneath the temple.

Temporal Bone CT Scans detects tumors, infection, damage to the mastoids, ear bones, and inner ear. The provincial rate for the Temporal CT Scan cost Php7,100.00  The doctor is not yet around to read the result but I just want to be aware of whatever condition my mother has. The impression of the examination shows :

1. Bilateral otitis media
2. Media interna and scleorosing mastoiditis clinical laboratory suggested

Bilateral Otitis Media

Otitis Media is considered by many doctors as either inflammation or infection of the middle ear. “Otitis” means inflammation of the ear while “media” means middle.

Otitis Media is a common illness in young children and has been regarded as a spectrum of disease.Hmm, now I wonder how it is for adults!

As suggested, another laboratory examination : scleorosing mastoiditis clinical laboratory

Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid bone of the skull. It is usually a serious complication that occurs following inadequate treatment of an acute middle ear infection (otitis media).

There are so many information to read on but I guess being aware of the basic things can be a good way to be prepare on whatever diagnosis it will be.