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There are several cancer cure approaches. Each of the approaches produces effective results if applied in the desired way. The most common approaches include:

Surgery is normally used to treat, prevent and diagnose cancer. It offers the greatest opportunity to recover from cancer especially if the cancer cells have not spread to most parts of the body.
2. Chemotherapy
It involves the use of drugs and chemicals to cure cancer. Most people fear this form of treatment. However, understanding of how the process operates will help a lot in gathering enough effort towards successful completion of a chemotherapy process.
3. Radiation therapy
This form of cure involves the use of high energy waves and particles to kill the cells that have been attacked by cancer. It can be used to cure cancer either by itself or by combining it with other forms of treatment.
4.Targeted therapy
It is a new approach in cancer cure that involves a combination of certain substances and drugs to identify and destroy cancer cells.
5. Immunotherapy
It involves the engagement of the body’s immune system in fighting cancer. Different types of immunotherapy are used to treat different forms of cancer.
6. Hyperthermia
As the name suggests, this method of curing cancer entails the use of heat to treat cancer. This method is currently being improved to enhance its effectiveness.
7. The stem cell transplants
This technique involves the use of bone marrow as well as stem cell transplants to treat cancer.
8. Photodynamic therapy
A photodynamic therapy involves the use of a special drug called photosensitizing agent to kill the cells. The agents are used together with light. These drugs are activated by special kinds of light and once they are activated, they will be able to destroy the harmful cancer cells.
9. Use of lasers
Under this procedure, careful surgery is performed using powerful beams of light. The beams are used instead of blades. It is one of the most effective ways of treating cancer.