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 The aspect of fitness that most people miss is the easy part. First, we have to understand what fitness is. Fitness is the care of the human body so that it works with a minimum of disease, difficulty, and breakdown. That is the same with describing a machine, but that is what our body is a miracle machine.

As with all machines, the type of fuel we use in the machine is vital because if low-grade fuel goes into the machine, the result is low grade as well. We live in a society where sugar is the king of the diet scenario. If a baby progresses a taste for sugar when it is very young, the parents are in for a difficult time in attempting to get the child to eat anything that is nutritional because of the addicting taste that sugar has.

The next time you visit the supermarket, take a look at the ingredients of many of the foods in the aisle. You may want to consider the best super foods that will help you remain healthy. Notice particularly the children’s snack, cereals, and even some of the main courses. Look for fructose and sucrose because those are sugars. Most of the drinks that are geared for kids are full of sugar, not to mention soft drinks.

Adults have the same problem, in that much of the foods that we think are nutritious are also sugar laden. We need to focus on lots and lots of vegetables, and some fruits and lean meats such as poultry and fish. Our diets are the first leg of gaining, and maintaining fitness for our bodies. And that is the easy part we mentioned earlier.

Next comes the harder part, but not so much if we get organized a little bit. Exercise is necessary because our bodies are built for it. Our muscles need to be stimulated, our blood vessels need to be cleaned out a little, and our hearts thrive on exercise. All that has to be done is walk a little while each day. None of the marathon running stuff, just take your time and walk for a half &  hour per day. There are different options to consider which are simple fitness, simple eating, and faster results such as 21 Day Fix, a simple 30-minute work out program.

A half hour of walking equals about ¾ to one mile. Take your time and enjoy the scenery, but that one little thing means a lot to your body.

Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. Without enough rest, the body cannot recharge. Almost all healing is accomplished while we sleep. Need we say more? Water flushes our system and is necessary to keep things moving. Our body consists of 50 to 60% water so it is important to keep hydrated.

To pamper yourself, include a monthly full body  massage on your activity.   Monthly massage comes with many benefits, such as preventing loss of mobility and injuries, maintaining your body in healthier condition, and most importantly restoring mobility to all injured muscles or soft tissues. It works through physiological, psychological, and physical processes.

The difficult part with regards to all of this is that we need to decide to do something. Good health and fitness don’t happen automatically. It takes years to get into some of the health difficulties of some people, caused by little or no exercise and eating all of the wrong foods over a period of time. It makes sense that it will take a while to undo all of the harm that has been done.