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Heart disease is a collective terminology that constitutes of heart conditions like cardiac arrest, coronary artery disease, heart attack, congenital heart disease and congestive heart failure. In the past years this disease was commonly associated with the elderly frail people but with dietary and lifestyle changes, everyone even a two year old kid can suffer from the disease. The most frequent of the diseases mentioned above is coronary heart disease (CHD) which is caused by conical or blocked coronary artery that provisions the heart with blood. (CHD) is the leading cause of heart attacks in the world today, little or no blood supply to the heart muscle renders it weak, leading to shortness of breath and in severe cases death may result.
There are five universally known symptoms of heart disease; the first one is chest pain or distress that comes about once the heart seizes to receive enough oxygen or blood; next up is discomfort or pain on the neck, back or in the jaws, at this state movement is rather painful since the failed coronary artery pumps blood directly next to these parts. Part of the painful experience entails pain in the shoulders or in the arms; while running a simple errand the victim of heart malady feels weak on the joints, light headedness and shortness of breath perhaps with or without any chest pain.
It’s good to note that the disease can be treated successfully through natural means, the most crucial of them is through embracing a balanced diet into your meals; you should strive to avoid fatty and cholesterol meals at all given times. Make the desirable corrections into your lifestyle, habits like cigarette smoking ,drugs and solvent abuse should be shunned upon and try to adopt physical drills like sporty activities, jogging, swimming and meditation. Even though there are other advanced ways of fighting heart disease like the stem cell treatment, it is always wise to act fast before matters get worse with the condition.