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On December 16, 2012, I was shocked and afraid when the doctor told me that I have an ameloblastoma (jaw tumor) and that I need to undergo a surgery. The doctor told me, you don’t have to worry.  Everything will be alright and it’s not life threatening.  I cried. I was so sad. The few thoughts, what will happen to my children,  am I going to die, where will I get money for the operation?  Life is really full of surprises you will never know what it may bring to you. Along the way, no matter how difficult it is, I need to learn to accept things the way it is.  Yes, it is difficult, it’s a roller coaster of emotion.

Here’s an x-ray of my ameloblastoma! But what is Ameloblastoma? According to Mayo Clinic, Ameloblastoma is is a rare, noncancerous (benign) tumor that develops most often in the jaw near the molars. It is a rare disorder of the jaw involving abnormal tissue growth. The tumor is usually not malignant (benign) but the tissue growth may become aggressive and it may cause severe abnormalities in the face and jaw just like this photo HERE.


Ameloblastoma Treatment

There is no medicine to treat the condition and you are left with jaw removal, chemotherapy, radio therapy, enucleation and resection surgery. I opted for Resection and Enucleation Surgery. Resection and Enucleation Surgery is a process of removing the tumor and the normal tissue around it.

For more than 4 years, I cannot eat on my right side. How does it look like to be in this condition? Imagine  this watermelon

All of those red parts are removed (teeth and gums) and I am left only with that very small space. Just imagine 🙂

The Surgery

I was too worried during that time, after 5 days of diagnosis, I decided to go through with the surgery. I have no money to go for it. But God is so great, everything was provided. I told the doctor, I don’t have the money to go through with surgery but wow he said, let’s do it Jane. Just pay it forward. Don’t worry about me and just think about the hospital expenses.  See how great God is!

The Journey

It is not easy. Those sleepless nights. You worry. That’s normal. You are not alone. Your mind is wandering around.

I came to the point of asking God. Why me? I am not a bad person but why do I have to go through with this.

But you know what as I went through with that, great things happened to me. Things may have been different now, it may be an abnormal condition, something may be empty. But God helped me go through this condition.

God allowed me to experience HIS GREATNESS…

When I have no one who can feel my pain

Cling on when  I was in such in great pain

My loved ones are there with me but they cannot do anything but to see me cry in pain.

But Thank God. He Sees Me Through that Moment

Rising Up

Going through that battle, there were two choices.  Should I remain sad or be happy? Should I worry or should I lift everything to God?  Should I despair or should I hope again? And yes LIFE IS A CHOICE ! I choose to be happy and lift up everything to God. I choose to RISE UP and become a better version of myself.

I told you I asked God why me. And now I know everything happens for a reason. I cannot share His Greatness if I did not experience the storm. And today, who would have thought that I will become a speaker. Oh my, I am using my hollow mouth in creating awareness on how people can work from home. My mouth says it all 🙂

Cheer Up, My Friend!  Take the day as if it is your last. Treasure each moment with your loved ones! Rise Up, Be an Overcomer. Because You are A Winner!