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Disheartening! My 15-year-old son’s diagnosis is Rheumatic Heart Disease: Mitral Valve Prolapse. We need to go through with at least 2 years to 6 years for rheumatic heart disease (RHD) treatment; every 21 days he will receive treatment through injection. Sad but there is nothing we can do but to accept things and believe for complete healing through Jesus, my Lord, and Saviour. We can only hold on His promise that he will restore my son’s health.

How The Rheumatic Heart Disease Started?

Feb 26, 28, he had a fever with the highest temperature at 39.8. March 4, he had a fever with the highest temperature at 39.4. This time, I already brought him for a check-up but there was nothing wrong with his urine, blood, and lungs.
March 7, 8, he had a fever with around 39.1 and paracetamol was only given.
March 9 was ok but on March 10, he had a fever with highest at 39.3. Another urine and blood test were done and found out that it is already UTI.

We were referred then to an Infectious Specialist and 3 laboratory tests were done: ASO Test, CRP ( C Reactive Protein) and ESR. The ASO (
Antistreptolysin O  ) test was the main identifier as the suspected Rheumatic Heart Disease. The normal range is only up to 100 IU/ML but my son had 400 IU/ML.

The ASO test helps determine whether the person had a recent strep infection with the bacteria group A Streptococcus.

How it will be treated?

For 2 months, he will be taking Prednisone. It’s a drug that is used to suppress the immune system and decrease inflammation in the left valve of his heart. After 2 months, that will be replaced with an aspilet.

We were advised that my son will gain weight and will always be hungry

Along with it, every 21 days for the next 6 years and with minimum of 2 years he will have to undergo an injection medication ( I just forgot the term) .

There’s still a lot of things to work on but we believe that God will heal my son not in the next 2 years but in God’s perfect timing. God is our great physician and He will completely heal my son.