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The big C strikes fear upon the hearts of many. We all have a relative or someone we know who succumbed to this terrifying disease. Here we’ve outlined the top seven signs of cancer for both men and women that are commonly ignored.


7. Bloating

A lot of women ignore this sign of ovarian cancer, thinking that it’s just the hormones wreaking havoc again. Bloating is such a common thing for a woman that’s why it’s usually ignored. If bloating accompanies pain, blood in one’s stool, and other sudden and unexplained changes like weight loss and constant fatigue, go to your physician immediately.


6. Skin Changes

Moles that change in appearance for no apparent reason are one sign of skin cancer. If you have a family history of skin cancer, it’s best to have a regular screening of your moles to prevent this very deadly disease.


5. Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of men have erectile dysfunction. But not everyone “has the balls” to have this checked out by a doctor. This could potentially be a sign of cancer that’s why any symptoms of erectile dysfunction shouldn’t be ignored.


4.  Weight Loss

Both men and women could attribute sudden weight loss to stress. This is a classic sign/symptom of cancer and if you or anyone you know is suddenly losing weight for no apparent reason, a visit to a doctor should be in order.


3. Nail Changes

Weird nail changes like brown spots or enlargement of the ends of one’s fingers could point to two cancers mainly skin and lung cancer. There’s a lot to be said about the health of one’s nails so it’s important to keep track of sudden changes. Women are advised to wear clear nail polish.


2. Swollen or Even Painless Lumps

Both men and women with swollen lumps (lymph nodes or whatnot) should have it checked immediately. It could point to leukemia, thyroid, or even breast cancer.


1. Excessive sleeping and fatigue

Excessive sleeping and fatigue could point to a lot of things. It could possibly be due to an uncomfortable mattress or it could point to snoring, hence the low sleep quality. But sometimes, excessive sleeping and fatigue that doesn’t go away despite one’s best efforts could point to different kinds of cancer. If you have problems staying awake throughout the day, are losing weight, and have other “weird” symptoms, it is best to go through a series of tests to rule out the possibility of cancer.