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Broncho pulmonary dysplasia is a disease that affects’ the lungs and attacks newborn infants. The babies who are most affected are those who are born prematurely or those who are put in breathing machine. These are the children who have received a high amount of oxygen for a long time. The infant’s lung does not fully develop and they are unable to make enough surfactant. The surfactant is a liquid that is found in the lung and assists in keeping them open for air to enter. 

Infants who suffer these respiratory disorders get less oxygen in their bodies. If the babies are not treated well this may lead to damage of the brain and other vital body organs. However, babies are treated by replacing surfactant and they may also need oxygen remedy. The situation may change after few days but if it gets worse breathing support machine is used. Those babies who are born prematurely and still need oxygen even when they get to their original time are diagnosed with broncho pulmonary dysplasia.

Signs of Disease

Some of the signs of this disease are coughing fast breathing and shortness of breathing. Some of the tests which are carried to ascertain the disease are chest x-ray, pulmonary working test, and chest ct scans. Children with this disease are fed using tubes which are placed in the stomach. They are also fed with an extra amount of calories to enhance breathing effort. The treatment of this infection may take a long time and infants are hospitalized for a long period.

Preventive Measures

Some of the following measures are important to a baby recovering from this disease. Prevent your baby from being infected colds and other breathing related infections. This can be avoided by ensuring that anybody who touches the baby washes their hand with warm water. Ensure people with a cold or having other related infections do not come into contact with the child. Avoid smoking in a place near the baby as smoke increases the risk of infection. It is also safe to avoid taking your child in crowded places.

Proper feeding to the child and observing a high level of hygiene is very important to babies with this problem. The child will need a diet with a good supply of energy. The diet should include a good supply of vitamins, fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Parent of these children should seek regular medical advice from the doctors. It is also important to give emotional support to parents with children affected by this disease. This is because the child may take a long time to recover. However, this disease is curable and the baby can recover.